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El Paso Electric is an Android app that allows customers to manage their El Paso electric bills and services. The app provides users with access to account information, payment options, energy usage data, and more. With the El Paso Electric App, you can easily view your current balance or make payments from anywhere at any time.

The app also offers a variety of features designed to help customers save money on their electricity costs. For example, it has an Energy Usage Tracker which displays real-time data about how much energy you are using in order to identify areas where improvements could be made for greater efficiency and cost savings. Additionally, there is a Price Alert feature which notifies users when prices change so they can take advantage of lower rates if available in their area.

In addition to managing accounts and tracking energy useage , the El Paso Electric App also includes helpful tools such as outage maps that show outages by zip code; tips for saving energy; news updates; customer service contact info; links to social media channels; rebate programs ;and more . It even includes a link directly into Google Maps so you can quickly locate nearby charging stations if needed while traveling away from home .

Overall , the El Paso Electric App makes managing your electricity needs simple and easy no matter where you are located . Whether its checking balances , making payments , monitoring usage patterns or finding local charging stations – this free mobile application has everything covered !

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