El Corte Inglés – Supermercado

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El Corte Inglés – Supermercado is a grocery shopping app for Android devices. It allows users to shop from the comfort of their own home and save time by avoiding long lines at the store. The app features an extensive selection of products, including fresh produce, frozen foods, health and beauty items, household cleaning supplies and more. Users can browse through categories or search for specific items using keywords or barcodes. They can also create lists to help them keep track of what they need to buy. Payment options include credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers as well as cash on delivery (COD).

The El Corte Inglés – Supermercado app makes it easy to compare prices between different stores in order to find the best deals available. It also offers discounts on certain items when customers purchase multiple units at once or if they use coupons provided by the store itself via email or SMS messages sent directly to their phones. Customers are able to check out quickly with just one click after selecting all desired products from their cart list without having any additional steps such as entering payment information again each time they make a purchase from another store within this platform’s network .

In addition , El Corte Ingles –Supermarket has partnered up with local restaurants so that customers have access not only groceries but also meals delivered right into your doorsteps . This feature helps those who don’t have enough free time during weekdays due work commitments etc.,to enjoy delicious food while saving money since there’s no extra cost compared with ordering take-away services outside this application . Furthermore ,the company provides customer service assistance 24 hours per day 7 days per week which makes sure that any inquiries about orders placed will be answered promptly regardless how late you decide place your request .

Overall , El Corte Ingles –Supermarket is an excellent choice for anyone looking for convenience when doing grocery shopping either online or offline because its user friendly interface combined with great product variety plus attractive promotions make it stand out among other similar applications available today in Google Play Store

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