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Einen schönen Abend! is an Android app designed to help users plan their evenings in a fun and creative way. The app provides users with ideas for activities, restaurants, bars, events and more that can be tailored to the user’s preferences.

The main feature of Einen schönen Abend! is its “Ideas Generator” which offers up suggestions based on the user’s location as well as their interests. Users can select from categories such as music, art and culture or outdoor activities and then narrow down their search by selecting specific types of venues or locations within those categories. For example if you are looking for something musical related near your current location you could choose “Music” from the category list followed by “Concert Hall” under venue type – this would bring up all nearby concert halls so you can easily find one that suits your needs.

In addition to providing activity ideas, Einen schönen Abend also includes maps showing points-of-interest around each suggestion so it’s easy to see how far away they are located relative to where you currently are (or any other address). This makes planning out an evening much easier since everything will be laid out clearly before hand instead of having to do a lot of research beforehand.

Overall Einen schönen Abend! is a great tool for anyone who wants some inspiration when it comes time for making plans in the evening hours but doesn’t know what exactly they want to do yet or just need some new ideas outside of what they normally go with . With its comprehensive selection of venues , detailed maps and helpful filters there should always be something interesting available no matter where someone happens to live or travel too !

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