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EF English Live Business is an Android app designed to help business professionals improve their language skills. The app offers a comprehensive range of interactive lessons and activities, as well as personalized learning plans tailored to each user’s needs. With EF English Live Business, users can learn the basics of English grammar and vocabulary or brush up on their existing knowledge with additional practice sessions.

The main features of the EF English Live Business App include:

• Interactive Lessons – Users can choose from over 500 interactive lessons covering topics such as pronunciation, reading comprehension, writing skills and more. Each lesson includes audio recordings for listening practice along with quizzes that allow users to test themselves on what they have learned.

• Personalized Learning Plans – Based on individual goals and preferences, the app creates customized learning plans which are updated regularly so that users stay motivated throughout their studies. Additionally, progress tracking tools enable learners to monitor how far they have come in terms of improving their language proficiency level.

• Video Conferencing and Tutoring Sessions – Learners can participate in video conferencing sessions with native-speaking tutors who provide feedback on pronunciation accuracy while also offering tips for speaking fluently during conversations or presentations at work meetings etc.. In addition to this feature there is also access to one-on-one tutoring services via Skype where students receive personalised guidance from experienced teachers based around specific areas requiring improvement in order for them reach higher levels of communication competence quickly .

• Online Community Forum – A community forum allows members share experiences about using the application , ask questions , get advice from other learners regarding any difficulties encountered while studying , find new study partners etc .. This provides a great platform for networking among peers who are all striving towards similar objectives when it comes mastering foreign languages .

Overall , EF English Live Business provides an effective way for busy professionals looking enhance their linguistic abilities without having take time out attend physical classes . It’s easy use interface makes it suitable both beginners those already familiar some aspects spoken written english alike .

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