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Eduki is an innovative Android app that helps students learn and practice math skills. It was designed with the goal of making learning more engaging and enjoyable for students, while also providing them with a powerful tool to help improve their math performance.

The app offers over 1,000 interactive lessons in topics such as basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Each lesson includes step-by-step instructions on how to solve various problems. The user can choose from different difficulty levels ranging from beginner to advanced so they can find the right level for their skill set. Additionally, Eduki provides users with feedback on each problem they attempt so that they know exactly where their strengths lie and what areas need improvement.

In addition to its comprehensive library of lessons, Eduki also features a variety of games which allow users to test out their newly acquired knowledge in fun ways while competing against other players around the world or just challenging themselves personally by attempting new challenges every day! These mini-games are designed not only as entertaining but also educational tools – helping reinforce concepts learned during regular study sessions without feeling like it’s “homework” all over again!

Overall, Eduki is an excellent resource for anyone looking to brush up on or master mathematics skills quickly and effectively using real life examples combined with modern technology; perfect for both school children who want extra help mastering difficult concepts or adults who want some refresher courses before tackling higher education exams!

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