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Edinburgh Live is an android app that provides users with up-to-date news and events from Edinburgh, Scotland. The app offers a wide range of content, including local news stories, sports updates, entertainment reviews and more. It also allows users to access exclusive deals on restaurants and attractions in the city.

The main feature of Edinburgh Live is its ability to keep you informed about what’s happening in your area. You can get notifications when new stories are published or when there are special offers available near you. This makes it easy for locals to stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings around town without having to search through multiple sources online.

In addition to providing timely information about local events, Edinburgh Live also has some great features designed specifically for tourists visiting the city. Users can find out which attractions are open at any given time as well as read reviews written by other visitors who have already experienced them first hand. There’s even a section dedicated solely towards helping people plan their trip – complete with suggested itineraries based on popular tourist spots!

Overall, Edinburgh Live is a great way for both locals and tourists alike to stay connected while exploring this beautiful Scottish capital city! With its comprehensive list of current events and helpful planning tools, it’s no wonder why so many people rely on this handy little app every day!

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