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Edible Arrangements is an Android app that allows users to order delicious, fresh fruit arrangements and gifts for any occasion. The app makes it easy to browse through a variety of products, select the perfect gift or arrangement, customize it with your own message and have it delivered right on time. With Edible Arrangements’ convenient mobile ordering system you can get the freshest fruits available no matter where you are in the world.

The Edible Arrangements app offers a wide selection of handcrafted fruit bouquets filled with pineapple daisies, cantaloupe stars, honeydew wedges and more – all arranged into beautiful designs by experienced artisans who use only premium ingredients like strawberries dipped in real chocolate. You can also choose from gourmet chocolates such as Belgian truffles or decadent brownie pops; plus snacks like dried apricots and almonds; smoothies made with real fruits; cookies; cakes; cupcakes and much more! Plus there’s even an option to add balloons or stuffed animals if desired.

When placing orders via the Edible Arrangement App customers will be able to track their order status at every step so they know exactly when their product arrives – whether its same day delivery or scheduled ahead of time for future events such as birthdays or anniversaries etc.. Customers will also receive notifications about special promotions/discounts which could help them save money while still getting quality products delivered right on time!

In addition to these features, customers using this application will benefit from secure payment options including credit cards and PayPal along with other customer service benefits such as 24/7 online support chat feature (in case they need assistance). All-in-all this application provides an excellent way for consumers looking for high-quality edible gifts and treats without having leave home comfort!

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