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Ecosia is an innovative Android app that allows users to plant trees while browsing the internet. The concept behind Ecosia is simple: each time a user searches for something on the web, they are helping to fund tree planting projects around the world. By using this app, users can make a positive impact on our planet simply by doing what they already do every day – surfing the web!

The idea of Ecosia was born out of founder Christian Kroll’s desire to create an easy and effective way for people to help protect our environment without having to change their everyday habits or lifestyles. With its intuitive design and straightforward mission statement (“Browse To Plant Trees”), it has become one of the most popular eco-friendly apps available today.

When you use Ecosia, your search queries are sent through Microsoft Bing as usual but with one key difference – 80% of all profits generated from ads shown in response to your query will be donated directly towards reforestation initiatives across countries such as Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and Madagascar. As well as funding these projects, Ecosia also provides detailed information about them so that you can see exactly where your money goes when you use their service.

In addition to being able to support environmental causes just by searching online like normal, there are several other features which make this app stand out from others in its category; including dark mode functionality which reduces energy consumption during nighttime usage and built-in tracking tools which allow users keep track of how many trees have been planted thanks in part due their own efforts via this platform over time.. Furthermore if desired individuals may even choose specific areas/regions where they would like funds raised through their activities within this application go towards supporting local conservation efforts making it easier than ever before for anyone who wishes too contribute positively toward preserving natural habitats worldwide regardless off location or financial means .

Overall ,Ecoisa offers a great opportunity for those looking not only look up relevant content quickly but also take actionable steps towards protecting nature simultaneously -allowing us all collectively work together more effectively then ever before ensure future generations inherit healthy sustainable ecosystems .

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