EclipseVPN (Made for IRAN)

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EclipseVPN is an Android app designed to provide users in Iran with access to the internet. It was created by a team of Iranian developers and is specifically tailored for use within the country. EclipseVPN allows users to bypass government censorship, giving them unrestricted access to websites that are blocked or heavily monitored in Iran. The app also provides enhanced security features such as encryption and IP masking, making it difficult for authorities to track user activity online.

The main feature of EclipseVPN is its ability to unblock websites that have been censored by the Iranian government. This includes popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, news outlets like BBC Persian, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, video sharing platforms such as YouTube, VoIP applications including Skype and Viber, messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram Messenger – all of which are either completely blocked or severely restricted in Iran due to their perceived threat against Islamic values or national interests. By using Eclipse VPN’s servers located outside of Iran’s jurisdiction (in countries where these restrictions do not apply), users can freely browse any website they wish without fear of being tracked down by authorities or having their data intercepted.

In addition to unblocking content from abroad, EclipseVPN also offers advanced privacy protection measures for those who need extra anonymity when browsing online inside Iran itself; this includes military-grade encryption protocols (AES 256) along with IP masking capabilities so your true location remains hidden at all times while connected through the service’s network . Furthermore , there are no logs kept on user activities – meaning whatever you do while connected will remain private even if someone were able try accessing your information directly from server side . Finally , customers can choose between different subscription plans depending on how much bandwidth they require each month ; monthly subscriptions start at just $1 USD per GB up until unlimited usage packages costing around $10 USD/monthly .

Overall , EclipseVPN has proven itself time again as one reliable solution providing Iranians with secure and unrestricted access over Internet despite heavy censorship imposed upon them locally . Whether you’re looking for freedom from surveillance state apparatus’ prying eyes into personal lives citizens living under oppressive regimes face daily -or simply want more control over what kind content gets displayed during web surfing sessions – then look no further than this great application available free download Google Play Store today !

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