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Eat This Much is an innovative meal planner app for Android that helps users create healthy and balanced meals. It takes the hassle out of planning meals by providing detailed nutrition information, recipes, grocery lists, and more. The app also has a variety of customization options so users can tailor their meal plans to fit their dietary needs or preferences.

The main feature of Eat This Much is its ability to generate personalized meal plans based on user-specified criteria such as calorie intake goals, food allergies or intolerances, preferred cuisine types, budget constraints and other factors. Users can choose from several different plan lengths (1 day up to 6 months) and customize each one with additional ingredients if desired. Meal plans are created quickly without any manual input required; all you have to do is specify your parameters and let the app take care of the rest!

In addition to creating customized meal plans for individual users, Eat This Much also allows multiple people in a household or group setting to share a single plan together – perfect for families who want everyone’s nutritional needs taken into account when preparing meals at home.

Another great feature included in this handy Android app is its comprehensive nutrition tracking system which includes daily totals as well as long-term trends over time – ideal for those looking to monitor their diet closely while still enjoying delicious dishes prepared at home every night! Finally there’s even an integrated recipe search tool which makes discovering new dishes easy – just enter some keywords related to what you’re craving and voila! You’ll be presented with plenty of tasty options that meet your dietary requirements too!

Overall Eat This Much offers an impressive array of features designed specifically around helping busy individuals eat healthier without having spend hours researching recipes or counting calories manually every day – making it one must-have Android App worth checking out today!

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