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Easy Game – Brain Test is a fun, free Android game that tests your mental agility and problem-solving skills. The game consists of several levels, each with its own unique challenge. In order to progress through the levels, you must solve puzzles by using logic and deduction. As you work your way up the ladder of difficulty, more challenging tasks await you!

The main objective in Easy Game – Brain Test is to complete all the stages without getting stuck or running out of time. You can choose from various categories such as Maths Puzzles, Word Games and Picture Puzzles which will test different aspects of your brain power including numerical reasoning and visual perception. Each level has its own set of rules so it’s important to read them carefully before attempting any task!

One great feature about this game is that there are no lives or penalties for incorrect answers; instead players get rewarded with coins whenever they successfully complete a stage. These coins can be used to purchase hints if needed but otherwise just provide an extra incentive for completing difficult challenges quickly and accurately!

Overall Easy Game – Brain Test provides an enjoyable experience while also helping users develop their cognitive abilities at the same time – making it perfect for anyone looking for some light entertainment combined with educational value!

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