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Earn Litecoin is an Android game that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by playing games. The app was created with the goal of making it easy for people to learn about and become involved in the world of cryptocurrencies, without having to invest any money or take on any risk.

The game works by allowing players to complete tasks such as watching videos, completing surveys, and downloading apps in exchange for rewards in Litecoin (LTC). Players can also increase their earnings through referrals and daily bonuses. All payments are made directly into a user’s wallet address so they have full control over their funds at all times.

The interface is simple yet effective; users can easily navigate between different sections within the app including ‘My Earnings’ which shows how much LTC has been earned from each task completed; ‘Refer and Earn’ where new friends can be invited via email or social media platforms; and finally ‘Settings’ which gives access to payment information such as wallet addresses etc…

Overall, Earn Litecoin provides an enjoyable way for anyone interested in crypto-currencies to get started earning real money quickly and easily! With its intuitive design, low minimum withdrawal amount ($1 USD worth of LTC) ,and no fees associated with withdrawals – this app will surely appeal to those looking for ways make some extra income online without taking too much risk

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