E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore

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E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore is an android app that allows users to backup and restore their text messages, call logs, contacts, photos and videos. The app provides a secure way of backing up data on the cloud as well as restoring it when needed. It also offers additional features such as scheduled backups, automatic uploads of selected items and selective restoration of only certain types of files or folders.

The E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore App has been designed to make it easy for users to keep their important information safe from loss in case something happens with their device or if they need to switch devices due to any reason. With this app installed on your Android phone you can easily back up all your texts (SMS), calls logs (incoming/outgoing) , contact list and media content like images and videos stored in the internal memory or SD card without worrying about losing them forever due to accidental deletion or hardware failure etc.

The user-friendly interface makes navigating through different options quite simple; allowing you access various functions quickly with just few taps on the screen . You can schedule regular backups so that even if you forget sometimes then too your data will be backed up automatically at pre-defined intervals . Moreover there is no limit set by the developers regarding how much data one can store online which means unlimited storage space! Additionally one may choose specific file type(s) while performing manual backup i.e., select only those items which are necessary instead of having everything backed up every time thereby saving some valuable internet bandwidth costs associated with uploading large amount of unnecessary stuff over network connection .

Restoring process works almost same way except now user gets option for selective restoration wherein he/she may pick out desired item(s). Furthermore , should someone require assistance then technical support team is always available via email who responds promptly within 24 hours usually !

Overall , E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore App proves itself useful tool for anyone looking forward towards safeguarding his / her personal info against any unforeseen event occurring unexpectedly sometime down road ahead!

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