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E.DIS Netz is an Android app developed by E.ON, a leading energy company in Europe. It provides customers with access to their electricity network and allows them to manage their energy consumption more efficiently. The app makes it easier for users to monitor their usage and make changes if necessary, as well as providing information about the current status of the network and any upcoming maintenance or upgrades that may be required.

The main features of the E.DIS Netz App include:

– A detailed overview of your electricity grid – This feature enables you to view all components connected to your grid such as transformers, cables, meters etc., giving you full visibility into how your home’s power supply works;

– Real-time monitoring – You can keep track of your power usage at any time thanks to real-time data updates on demand;

– Smart notifications – Receive alerts when there are potential issues with your electrical system so that you can take action quickly before they become bigger problems;

– Energy efficiency tips – Get advice on how best to save money through better management of your energy use;

Overall, this app is designed for those who want greater control over their electricity network and improved knowledge about its functioning in order maximize efficiency while minimizing costs associated with running it. With easy navigation tools available within the application itself along with helpful customer support from EON staff members should anything go wrong during installation or operation then using this service could prove beneficial for many households across Europe looking for ways improve both convenience and cost savings when managing their household’s electrical requirements

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