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DW – Breaking World News is an Android app that provides users with the latest news from around the world. The app was developed by Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster and one of Europe’s leading media organizations. It offers a comprehensive selection of news articles, videos, photos and podcasts in English as well as German language content.

The DW – Breaking World News app allows users to stay up-to-date on what’s happening across the globe through its easy-to-navigate interface. Users can access all types of stories including political developments, business updates, sports results and cultural events from countries such as Germany, France, Spain and many more. Additionally they can customize their experience by selecting topics or regions for personalized notifications about breaking news items relevant to them directly on their device home screen or via email alerts sent straight to their inboxes every morning at 6am CET (Central European Time).

The DW – Breaking World News App also features a “My Feed” section where users can save articles they find interesting so they don’t miss out any important information related to it later on down the line when browsing other sections within this application. Furthermore there are options available for sharing content with friends over social networks like Facebook and Twitter which makes staying connected even easier!

Overall this mobile application has been designed keeping user convenience in mind while providing reliable coverage of global issues without bias towards any particular viewpoint; making it an ideal source for anyone looking to stay informed about current affairs worldwide no matter where you live!

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