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Dumb Ways to Die – Superheroes is an exciting and fun-filled android game that brings together the classic Dumb Ways to Die franchise with a superhero twist. The game follows the same premise as its predecessors, where players must save cute characters from various dangerous situations by tapping on them in order to rescue them. However, this time around you play as one of four different superheroes: Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America or Thor!

The objective of each level is simple – use your superpowers to get rid of all the hazards before they can harm any of the helpless little creatures running about. You do this by swiping up and down on your screen while avoiding obstacles such as bombs and lasers. As you progress through levels more challenging tasks will be added such as using special powers like freezing enemies or shooting webs at them in order to clear out areas quickly. Each level also has a timer so make sure you act fast if you want those high scores!

What makes this game truly unique are its vibrant graphics and sound effects which really bring it alive; plus there’s plenty of humour thrown into every situation making it even more enjoyable for kids (and adults!) alike. There are over 60 levels available across three worlds full of danger and excitement but only true heroes can complete all these challenges without getting hurt themselves! So put on your cape and show us what kind hero lies within… Good luck!

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