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Dulux Visualizer is an Android app that allows users to virtually paint their walls and preview the colors in real-time. The app uses augmented reality technology, allowing you to see how your room will look with a certain color of paint before actually painting it. You can choose from over 1,200 Dulux colors or upload photos of your own wall for more accurate results. It also has 3D visualization tools so you can get a better idea of what the finished product will look like. With this app, there’s no need to buy multiple cans of paint and test them out on your wall – just use the Dulux Visualizer!

The first step when using the Dulux Visualizer is selecting which type of surface you would like to visualize: either walls or ceilings/floors. Once selected, simply point your device at any flat surface (such as a wall) and tap “Paint Now”; then select one of the many available colours from either preloaded palettes or custom colour swatches uploaded by yourself through photo library access within App settings menu . After choosing a colour ,you may further adjust brightness and saturation levels according to preference and save these changes too if required .Once all adjustments are done ,simply click ‘Done’ button followed by tapping ‘Preview Room’ option present at top right corner ;this will show live view with applied colour effect on entire room giving realistic feel about how actual painted area might appear after completion .In case user isn’t satisfied with current selection he/she may go back anytime and make necessary changes until desired result achieved without wasting time and money spent during actual painting process .

Overall ,the simplicity associated with usage alongwith accuracy provided makes this application extremely useful for people who want quick solution regarding interior décor related decisions while saving significant amount cash used otherwise in buying paints samples etc..

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