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The Duluth News Tribune is a daily newspaper serving the city of Duluth, Minnesota and surrounding areas. The paper has been in operation since 1883 and provides readers with local news, sports coverage, entertainment reviews, opinion pieces and more. Now readers can access all this content on their Android device with the official Duluth News Tribune app.

With the app users can read articles from any section of the paper as well as breaking news stories that are updated throughout each day. They also have access to multimedia features such as videos and photo galleries which help bring stories to life. There’s even an interactive map feature so you can see what’s happening around town at a glance! Plus there are special sections dedicated to weather forecasts for both current conditions and long-term predictions so you always know what kind of climate to expect when planning your activities or travels in advance.

The app also offers comprehensive sports coverage including scores from high school games up through professional leagues like MLB and NFL plus exclusive interviews with players and coaches alike – perfect for diehard fans looking for insider information about their favorite teams! Additionally users will find plenty of lifestyle content covering topics ranging from health and wellness tips all way down fashion trends – making it easy stay informed no matter where they go or who they talk too during any given day out on town!

Finally if you ever need help navigating through the app then customer service representatives are available 24/7 via email or phone call just incase anything goes wrong while using it – ensuring everyone gets most out every experience possible without having worry technical issues getting way between them enjoying great journalism provided by one oldest newspapers America today: The Duluth News Tribune App!

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