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Duke Energy is a leading energy provider in the United States, and they have recently released an Android app to make it easier for customers to manage their accounts. The Duke Energy App allows users to pay their bills, view account information, track usage history and more from any mobile device.

The app makes it easy for customers to stay on top of their energy consumption by providing detailed data about electricity use over time. Customers can also set up notifications so that they are alerted when there are changes in pricing or if certain thresholds are met with regards to electricity usage. This helps them adjust their habits accordingly and save money on monthly utility bills.

In addition, the Duke Energy App provides access to customer service representatives who can answer questions or provide assistance with billing issues quickly and easily through live chat support directly within the application itself. It also offers helpful tips regarding how best conserve energy as well as other useful resources such as outage maps which show where power outages may be occurring throughout the region served by Duke Energy’s services.

Overall, this new Android app from Duke Energy has made managing your electric bill much simpler than before while still offering all of the same features you would expect from a full-fledged online portal like My Account at duke-energy dot com website . With its intuitive design and user friendly interface , anyone can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they have complete control over their power costs right at their fingertips!

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