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Duet is a critically acclaimed puzzle game for Android devices that has been praised by critics and players alike. The game was developed by Kumobius, an Australian indie developer, and released in 2013. It features simple yet challenging gameplay with minimalistic graphics and sound design.

The objective of the game is to guide two orbiting circles around various obstacles while avoiding contact with them at all costs. Players must use their finger to rotate the circles around each other as they move through levels filled with increasingly difficult challenges. As you progress further into the game, new elements are added such as portals which can be used to transport between different parts of a level or even reverse gravity itself!

The controls are intuitive and easy-to-learn but require precise timing if one wants to succeed in Duet’s more advanced stages; this makes it both accessible for casual gamers who just want something fun yet still provides enough challenge for those looking for a real test of skill. Additionally, there are multiple difficulty settings available so everyone from beginners to experts should find something enjoyable here!

In addition to its great gameplay mechanics, Duet also boasts some wonderful visuals thanks to its minimalist art style which really helps bring out the atmosphere of each stage without being too distracting from what matters most: having fun playing this fantastic puzzler! Its soundtrack is equally impressive featuring calming music composed specifically for Duet which adds another layer onto this already amazing experience making it truly stand out amongst other games on Android platforms today

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