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DroidCam is an Android app that lets you turn your phone into a webcam for your PC. It works by connecting the two devices via Wi-Fi or USB and then streaming video from your phone to the computer. The app has many features, including support for HD video, audio recording, image capture, and more. With DroidCam you can use your mobile device as a wireless webcam in any application on Windows or Linux computers.

The setup process is simple: just install the free DroidCam client software on both of the devices (your smartphone and computer) and connect them with either USB cable or WiFi connection depending upon what’s available at hand. Once connected successfully it will stream live camera feed directly to whatever program/app you want to use it with like Skype, Zoom etc., giving users an easy way to make video calls without having access to a dedicated webcam hardware device.

Apart from using it as web cam in various programs such as Skype or Google Hangouts; this App also allows its users record videos and take pictures right away inside their phones itself which they can later share online through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter etc.. Additionally there are some advanced settings too which allow user customize resolution quality according their need along with other parameters such brightness level etc.. Furthermore if someone needs additional microphone input while making call then they have option plug external mic into headphone jack present in most of android smartphones these days thus allowing them enjoy better sound clarity during conversations over internet .

Overall Droidcam provides great solution those who don’t own proper webcams but still want be part virtual meetings happening all around world today due pandemic situation we currently living .

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