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DriveTrack Plus is an android app developed by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) to provide customers with a convenient and secure way of tracking their fuel consumption. The app allows users to track the mileage, cost, and other details related to their vehicles’ fuel usage. It also enables them to monitor their vehicle’s performance in real-time using its advanced analytics capabilities.

The DriveTrack Plus App can be used for both petrol and diesel cars as well as two-wheelers like scooters or motorcycles. With this application, HPCL aims at providing enhanced customer experience while fueling up at any HPCL retail outlet across India. The app provides various features such as:

• Real-Time Fuel Monitoring – This feature helps users keep track of how much they are spending on fuel each month so that they can plan accordingly for future expenses. They can set budget limits based on the amount spent over a period of time and get notifications when those limits are exceeded.

• Vehicle Performance Tracking – Users will be able to view detailed reports about the performance of their vehicles including average speed, distance travelled per day/week/month etc., which will help them identify areas where improvements may need to be made in order optimize efficiency and save money on fuel costs .

• Mileage Calculator – This feature lets users calculate exact distances between two points along with estimated travel times taking into account traffic conditions during peak hours if needed .

• Refueling Reminders – As part of this service , HPCL sends out reminders via SMS or email whenever it is time for refueling your car so you never miss out on important maintenance tasks again!

Overall , DriveTrackPlus from HPCL ensures that all aspects related to fuelling up your vehicle are taken care off efficiently without having too much hassle involved !

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