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Drive and Park is an addictive android game that will keep you entertained for hours. The objective of the game is to drive a car through various parking lots, avoiding obstacles and trying to find the perfect spot to park your vehicle. You’ll have to be quick on your feet as there are many other cars in each level that need their own space too!

The controls are simple – just use one finger or two thumbs (depending on how comfortable you feel) to steer the car around corners, avoid collisions with other vehicles, and get into tight spots without crashing. As you progress further in the levels, more challenging obstacles appear such as moving platforms and barriers which require precise timing if they’re going to be navigated successfully.

Each level also has its own unique design featuring different colors of asphalt, buildings, roadsides objects like trees or benches etc., all making it look quite realistic while playing this awesome driving simulator game. Furthermore when you complete a level successfully by finding a suitable place for parking then coins start popping up from everywhere rewarding your success! These can later be used within the app’s store where new cars can be bought along with upgrades such as better engines or improved suspension systems so that handling becomes easier even during difficult situations like sharp turns at high speeds etc..

Overall Drive and Park provides an entertaining gaming experience with great graphics combined with easy-to-use touch screen controls plus plenty of challenges throughout its levels ensuring no boredom ever sets in . So go ahead download this free Android Game today and enjoy some quality time behind wheel !

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