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Drink Roulette Drinking Games is an Android app that provides a fun and interactive way to enjoy your favorite beverages with friends. The game allows you to spin the wheel of fortune, which will randomly select one of four different drinking challenges for each player. Each challenge requires players to drink a certain amount or type of beverage in order to complete it.

The app offers several variations on traditional drinking games such as beer pong, flip cup, quarters and more. Players can also customize their own rules by selecting from over 20 different challenges ranging from easy (drinking 3 sips) to hard (downing an entire bottle). Additionally, users have the option of playing against other people online or just having some friendly competition amongst themselves.

To make sure everyone stays safe while playing Drink Roulette Drinking Games there are built-in safety features such as limiting how many drinks each person can consume per hour and setting up reminders when it’s time for someone else’s turn at spinning the wheel. In addition, all participants must be 21 years old or older before they can play this game legally so no underage drinkers are allowed!

Overall, Drink Roulette Drinking Games is a great way for adults who want something new and exciting out of their social gatherings without having too much risk involved in terms of alcohol consumption levels or legal repercussions due its age restriction policy . This entertaining mobile application makes any gathering even more enjoyable since everyone gets involved in deciding what kind of challenge they should take next – making every round unique!

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