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Dress Up With Point – Girl Dre is an Android game that allows players to dress up their avatars in a variety of fashionable outfits. The game features over 200 different clothing items, including dresses, skirts, tops and accessories. Players can also customize their avatar’s hairstyle and makeup.

The main goal of the game is to earn points by dressing up your avatar in stylish outfits. Points are awarded for each outfit you create; higher scores are earned when the player creates more intricate or unique looks with multiple pieces from different categories such as shoes, bags and jewelry. As players progress through the levels they will unlock new clothes and accessories which can be used to create even more elaborate looks!

Players have access to a wide range of customization options so they can truly make their avatar look like them or someone else entirely! They’re able to choose from various skin tones, hair colors/styles and facial features such as eyes shape/color etc… Additionally there’s also an extensive selection of backgrounds available so users can change the scenery whenever they want!

In addition Dress Up With Point – Girl Dre has several mini-games included within it where players must complete tasks related to fashion styling (such as creating specific types of styles) in order win coins which then allow them purchase additional clothing items for their wardrobe collection . There’s also daily challenges and rewards given out too making this title quite addictive once you get into it !

Overall , Dress Up With Point – Girl Dre offers plenty content and customizations allowing anyone who loves fashion or just wants something fun and creative do on mobile device enjoy themselves immensely !

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