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Dreamscape is an exciting new Android game that takes you on a journey through the depths of your own imagination. In Dreamscape, you play as a young dreamer who must explore their dreams and discover hidden secrets in order to progress. The game features beautiful hand-painted graphics, original music and sound effects, intuitive touch controls, and unique puzzles to solve.

The goal of Dreamscape is to make it from one end of each level to the other while avoiding obstacles such as spikes or pits filled with lava. Along the way there are various items which can be collected for points or used for solving puzzles; these include keys which unlock doors leading into secret areas containing bonus levels or power ups which give special abilities like double jump or speed boost. There are also coins scattered throughout each stage; collecting them will increase your score at the end of each level so try not to miss any!

As you progress further into Dreamscape’s world, more challenging enemies appear such as flying monsters that shoot fireballs at you if they spot you – so stay alert! You’ll also come across powerful bosses blocking your path – defeat them by using strategic attacks combined with quick reflexes. With its vibrant visuals and captivating soundtrack coupled with engaging gameplay elements like puzzle solving and enemy encounters – Dreamscapes offers hours upon hours worth exploring this mysterious realm within our minds!

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