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Dream Daddy is an Android game created by Game Grumps, a popular YouTube channel. The game follows the story of a single father who moves to Maple Bay with his daughter and must navigate the dating scene while managing parenting responsibilities. Players take on the role of the dad as he meets seven other dads in town, each with their own unique personalities and stories. As players progress through conversations and activities, they will learn more about these characters and ultimately decide which one they want to pursue romantically.

The gameplay consists mostly of conversation choices that affect how other characters view your character as well as mini-games like fishing or playing catch with your daughter’s pet dog Roberta. Dream Daddy also features multiple endings depending on which decisions you make throughout the course of playtime so there are plenty of opportunities for replayability if desired!

Dream Daddy has been praised for its positive representation of LGBTQ+ relationships within video games and was even nominated for “Best Mobile/Handheld Game” at The Game Awards 2017 ceremony! It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something different from traditional mobile gaming experiences – it’ll bring some heartwarming moments into your life too!

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