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Draw a Stickman – EPIC 2 is an adventure puzzle game for Android devices. Developed by Hitcents, the game allows players to draw their own stickman character and then guide them through various levels of puzzles and challenges. The objective of the game is to help your stickman reach his destination while avoiding obstacles along the way.

The graphics in Draw a Stickman – EPIC 2 are quite impressive with vibrant colors that bring life to each level you play through. As you progress throughout the levels, new tools become available which allow you to customize your character even further such as adding hats or changing color palettes. There are also several mini-games scattered throughout the main story mode where players can earn coins or unlock additional content like bonus levels and secret items.

In addition to its single player campaign, Draw a Stickman – EPIC 2 also features two cooperative multiplayer modes: Co-op Adventure Mode and Versus Play Mode. In Co-op Adventure Mode up four players can join forces online (or local) on one device in order complete special missions together; whereas in Versus Play Mode two teams compete against each other using their custom created characters across multiple rounds until there’s only one team left standing at end!

Overall, Draw a Stickman – EPIC 2 offers hours upon hours of creative fun for all ages with its unique art style combined with challenging puzzles that require both cooperation between friends as well as quick reflexes from individual players alike!

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