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Draw a Name is an Android app that helps users pick names randomly from a list of participants. It’s perfect for events like baby showers, birthday parties, or any other occasion where you need to select someone’s name at random.

The app makes it easy to create and manage lists of people who are participating in the event. You can add as many names as you want and even categorize them by group if needed. Once all the names have been added, simply hit “draw” and watch as one lucky person is chosen from your list! The result will be displayed on screen with an animation effect so everyone knows who was selected.

You can also customize the look of Draw a Name through its settings menu which allows you to change things such as font size, background color, text color etc., giving each draw process its own unique feel. Additionally there are various sound effects available which play when someone has their name drawn – great for adding some fun atmosphere into proceedings!

Overall Draw a Name offers an intuitive way to randomly choose somebody’s name quickly and easily without having to resorting manual methods such paper slips or dice rolls – making it ideal for anyone looking for something more sophisticated than these traditional alternatives

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