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Dragon City Mobile is an exciting and highly addictive game for Android devices. Developed by Social Point, the game allows players to build their own dragon city on floating islands. The goal of the game is to collect as many dragons as possible and breed them in order to create new species. Players can also battle other players’ dragons in a variety of arenas, earning coins which they can use to purchase more powerful dragons or upgrade existing ones.

The core gameplay revolves around building up your Dragon City with habitats that house different types of Dragons such as Fire, Water, Earth and Nature elements. Each habitat requires specific resources like food and gold which you must harvest from farms or mines located around your island before you are able to construct it. You will need these resources not only for constructing habitats but also for feeding your Dragons so that they may grow stronger over time; each type has its own unique strengths and weaknesses when battling against other player’s Dragons in PvP battles or tournaments held within the game itself!

Players have access to hundreds of different kinds of Dragons including legendary creatures such as Dark Angelic Dragon, Ice Phoenix Dragon etc., all with their own special abilities that make them formidable opponents during battles against other players’ teams online! As well as collecting rarer breeds through breeding two parent-dragons together (which produces offspring), there are various ways one can obtain new specimens: buying eggs from shops at certain levels; completing challenges/quests given out by NPCs throughout cities; participating in events where rewards include exclusive limited edition Dragons – just some examples among many others available!

Apart from simply playing solo mode campaigns where you progress through increasingly difficult stages while unlocking achievements along the way towards becoming a master breeder and trainer – there is also plenty else going on within this virtual world full of magical creatures waiting be discovered! For instance: join alliances with friends who share similar interests and goals; take part in global tournaments hosted every week offering generous prizes if victorious; explore mysterious dungeons filled with treasure chests containing valuable loot…just some features amongst many others included within this popular mobile title today making it one worth checking out if looking something fun yet challenging enough keep entertained long term too!.

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