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Dragalia Lost is a mobile action role-playing game developed and published by Nintendo, in collaboration with Cygames. It was released on September 27th 2018 for iOS and Android devices. The game features hack-and-slash style combat combined with traditional RPG elements such as character customization, equipment management, questing and exploring dungeons. Players take control of the protagonist prince or princess of Alberia who must save their kingdom from an evil force known as the “Ravaging Blaze”.

The player can customize their avatar’s appearance at any time during gameplay using a wide variety of clothing options that are unlocked through completing quests or purchased from shops within the game world. Combat consists primarily of hacking away at enemies while dodging incoming attacks to stay alive; however there are also special abilities that can be used to deal extra damage or heal allies depending on which dragon form you have equipped (more about this later).

Players will explore various locations throughout Alberia including forests, deserts, mountains and more while taking part in story missions as well as sidequests along the way. As they progress further into each area they’ll unlock new areas to explore where even tougher monsters await them!

In addition to regular fights against enemy mobs players will occasionally come across powerful bosses which require careful strategy if they want to succeed – these boss battles often reward rare items upon victory so it pays off big time when victorious!

Dragalia Lost also has its own unique feature called Dragon Transformation: When fighting certain bosses players can transform into one of four different dragons – Fire Drake, Water Wyverns Wind Beast and Earth Wyrm – giving them access to special skills and increased stats temporarily until defeated or transformed back again after battle ends (this requires some mana though!). This adds another layer of depth and excitement onto already intense battles making every fight feel like something truly epic!

Finally we should mention multiplayer mode too: Up to 4 people can join together online via Wi-Fi connection for coop play allowing everyone involved share rewards gained from successful dungeon runs thus creating even more opportunities for fun times ahead!

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