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Dr. Driving is an Android-based game developed by SUD Inc., a Korean mobile gaming company, and released in 2011. The goal of the game is to drive safely while avoiding obstacles and other vehicles on the road. It has become one of the most popular racing games for Android devices with over 100 million downloads worldwide.

The gameplay consists of driving through various levels filled with traffic, pedestrians, police cars, etc., all while trying to complete objectives such as reaching certain destinations or collecting coins scattered throughout each level. Players can also upgrade their vehicle’s performance by purchasing upgrades from in-game stores using coins collected during playtime or real money via microtransactions. Drifting around corners earns players extra points which allows them to progress further into more difficult levels faster than normal progression would allow them too; however this also increases risk of crashing if not done correctly!

Players are able to compete against friends online through leaderboards where they can compare scores and times achieved on different tracks within the game itself – these leaderboard rankings are based off global averages so it’s always competitive no matter how good you get at playing! Additionally there are daily missions available that reward bonus XP when completed successfully which helps increase your overall rank even quicker than just playing alone could do so – great incentive for those who want some friendly competition amongst themselves or others online!

Overall Dr Driving provides a unique challenge that requires skillful maneuvering along roads full of obstacles whilst still being accessible enough for anyone looking to have some fun without feeling overwhelmed by its complexity – perfect mix between casual/arcade style gaming and hardcore simulation elements make it worth checking out whether you’re newbie driver wanting something easy going yet challenging enough keep entertained long after initial playthroughs end up becoming repetitive due too lack variety found elsewhere (like many other titles).

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