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Dr. Driving 2 is an exciting and addictive racing game for Android devices that offers a unique twist on the traditional driving experience. Developed by SUD Inc., Dr. Driving 2 takes you on a thrilling ride through city streets, highways, and more as you attempt to become the best driver around!

The goal of Dr. Driving 2 is simple: complete each mission without crashing your car or running out of time! You’ll have to be quick with your reflexes if you want to make it through all the levels unscathed – there are plenty of obstacles in your way such as traffic cones, other cars, pedestrians, and even police officers ready to give chase when they catch sight of you speeding down the street. As you progress further into the game, new challenges will appear including night-time missions where visibility is low but danger still lurks around every corner!

You can customize your vehicle with different colors and decals so that it stands out from other drivers on the road while also giving yourself an edge over them in terms of speed and handling capabilities. Additionally, special power-ups like nitro boosts can help get ahead quickly during races or escape tricky situations when being pursued by law enforcement agents trying their hardest to put an end to your joyride!

Overall Dr. Driving 2 provides hours upon hours worth of entertainment thanks its immersive gameplay mechanics which blend together perfectly with its vibrant visuals for one unforgettable gaming experience sure not disappoint any fans looking for something fresh yet familiar at same time

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