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Downwell is an action-packed android game developed by Ojiro Fumoto. It was released for iOS and Android devices in October 2015, followed by a release on Steam in April 2016. The goal of the game is to make your way down a deep well while avoiding obstacles and enemies along the way. You play as a small character with gunboots that can shoot bullets downward to help you navigate through each level safely.

The gameplay consists of fast-paced platforming where you must jump between platforms, dodge enemies, and collect powerups such as health or ammo pickups throughout each level. As you progress further into the depths of the well, more challenging levels are encountered with tougher enemies and traps waiting around every corner. There are also various weapons available which can be used against your foes including bombs, lasers, homing missiles, flamethrowers etc., all helping to add some variety to the experience overall.

One unique feature about Downwell is its roguelike elements; after dying at any point during your descent down the well (which will happen often), players start back from scratch but keep their upgrades they have collected so far – giving them an edge over previous playthroughs when attempting again later on! Additionally there’s no set path through each stage either – allowing gamers plenty of freedom when it comes to tackling different challenges within this exciting title!

Overall Downwell provides hours upon hours worth of entertainment thanks not only its great visuals but also due its intense yet rewarding gameplay mechanics too! If you’re looking for something new and fresh then definitely give this one try today – it won’t disappoint!.

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