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Downdetector is an Android app that helps you stay up to date with service outages and other issues related to your internet connection. It allows users to quickly check the status of their network, as well as any problems they may be experiencing. The app can detect outages for a variety of services, including popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook, gaming services like Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, email providers like Gmail or Outlook, and many more.

The app also provides detailed information about each outage so users can better understand what’s causing it. This includes details on when the issue started (if available), how widespread it is across different areas/regions (also if available), whether there are any known fixes being implemented by the provider in question etc.. Users can then use this data to decide whether they need to switch service providers or take some other action in order resolve their problem faster.

In addition Downdetector also offers real-time notifications whenever new outages occur within its supported services list – allowing users keep track of all major disruptions without having manually search for them every time something happens. Finally user ratings and reviews are provided for each service listed which gives people a good idea about how reliable/stable various options really are before signing up with them – helping everyone make smarter decisions regarding their online experience going forward!

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