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Doodle Cricket is an exciting cricket game for Android devices. Developed by the popular gaming company, Ketchapp, Doodle Cricket allows players to experience a fun and interactive version of the classic sport. The game features simple controls that make it easy to pick up and play while still providing plenty of challenge. Players can choose from three different modes: Classic Mode, Time Attack Mode or Survival Mode. In each mode they must use their batting skills in order to score as many runs as possible before time runs out or wickets are lost!

In Classic Mode, players have unlimited lives but only 10 overs (six balls per over) in which to score as many points as possible against a computer-controlled opponent team. As the player progresses through levels they will face increasingly difficult opponents with better bowling techniques and fielding abilities – making it more challenging than ever before!

Time Attack mode gives players one minute on the clock in which they must try and hit boundaries off every ball bowled at them without losing any wickets – this makes for some intense gameplay where quick thinking is key if you want to succeed! Finally there’s Survival mode; here your aim is simply not lose all your wickets within 5 overs – sounds easy enough right? Wrong…as you progress further into levels even more obstacles such as fielders blocking shots come into play adding another layer of difficulty onto what was already quite an intense game style!

Overall Doodle Cricket provides hours upon hours of entertainment thanks its multiple modes and varying degrees of difficulty meaning everyone from novice gamers looking for something lighthearted yet challenging all way up experienced veterans who want test themselves against tough AI opponents can get involved too – so why not give it go today?!

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