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Dominion is an Android game that combines elements of card-collecting and strategy. Developed by Donald X Vaccarino, the game was first released in 2008 and has since become one of the most popular board games around. The aim of Dominion is to be the player with the most victory points at the end of a round. To do this, players must build up their deck by buying cards from a central supply pile which are then used to buy even more powerful cards or take other actions such as attacking opponents’ decks or gaining extra coins for future purchases.

The core mechanics are simple but engaging: each turn you draw five cards from your own personal deck (which can contain any combination of action, treasure and victory point cards) and use them to purchase new ones either from those available on display in front of you or by using special abilities granted through certain types of card combinations. You also have access to three piles – one containing curses; another containing basic treasures like copper pieces; and finally a third which contains Kingdom Cards – these represent various effects such as drawing extra cards into your hand, taking additional turns etc., all with different costs associated with them depending on how powerful they are assumed to be within context..

Once enough rounds have been played out so that no player has any remaining resources left in their hands/decks (or if someone manages to accumulate enough Victory Points before then), then it’s time for final scoring! Each type/category/colourationof card earns its owner some amount based upon how many were collected throughout playtime; additionally there may also be bonuses awarded for having achieved specific goals during gameplay too! This could include things like collecting sets comprised entirely outta kingdomcards belongingto same colour family(e g reds). All these scores will add together towards determining who wins overall – whoever ends up highest after adding everything together being declared victoriously triumphant!

Overall Dominion offers an exciting mix between strategic planning and tactical decisions making alongside traditional collectiblecardgame style luck and chance factors thrown into mix make sure every match feels unique unpredictable experience full creative freedom when constructing customised decks tailored suit individual tastes preferences styles playing

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