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DodoCodes is an Android app that provides users with a secure way to store and share confidential information. The app allows users to create encrypted codes, which can be shared via text message or email, allowing the recipient to access the data without having direct access to it. This makes DodoCodes ideal for securely sharing sensitive information such as passwords, bank account details, medical records and more.

The app works by generating random alphanumeric codes which are then used as encryption keys for securing user data. To ensure maximum security of stored data, each code is generated using 256-bit AES encryption – one of the most secure forms of encryption available today. Once created, these codes can be sent directly from within the app itself or copied into other applications like WhatsApp or Gmail for easy distribution among contacts in your address book.

When someone receives a DodoCode they simply enter it into their own version of the application whereupon they will have immediate access to whatever was secured by that particular code – no further authentication required! For added convenience there’s also an optional feature whereby you can set up expiry dates on any given code so that after a certain amount of time has passed its contents become inaccessible again automatically (this helps prevent unwanted third parties gaining long-term access).

Overall this is a great tool if you need something reliable and convenient when it comes transferring important documents between two people who don’t necessarily trust each other enough not keep them safe themselves; perhaps even better than traditional methods since all communication happens through completely anonymous channels rather than relying on potentially vulnerable emails/text messages etcetera…

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