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Doctor Kids is an educational android game that teaches children the basics of being a doctor. It was created by developers at KIDZ Games, and it has been praised for its fun and interactive gameplay. The goal of this game is to help kids learn about medical procedures while having fun at the same time.

The main character in Doctor Kids is Dr. Kidz, who helps players explore different parts of a hospital such as the emergency room, operating theater, X-ray lab and more. Players will have to diagnose patients with various illnesses or injuries before they can move onto other areas of the hospital. As they progress through each level, they will unlock new tools which allow them to perform more complex treatments like setting broken bones or performing surgery on their patients.

In addition to learning how doctors treat diseases and injuries, Doctor Kids also teaches important life lessons such as responsibility and empathy towards others in need of medical attention . Players are encouraged to think carefully about their decisions when treating patients so that everyone gets better quickly! Additionally , there are mini games throughout levels where players must answer questions related to health topics correctly in order earn coins which can be used for upgrades within the game .

Overall , Doctor Kids provides an entertaining way for children aged 4-10 years old learn about medicine without feeling overwhelmed or bored . With its colorful graphics , engaging storyline , numerous levels full of interesting tasks – this app makes becoming a doctor much easier than ever before !

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