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Doctiplus is an innovative android app that provides users with access to medical professionals online. With Doctiplus, you can easily connect with doctors and other healthcare providers from the comfort of your own home or office. The app allows you to book appointments, view doctor profiles, ask questions and get answers quickly. You can even send photos or videos directly to a doctor for diagnosis if needed.

The main feature of Doctiplus is its ability to provide quick access to qualified health care professionals without having to wait in line at a clinic or hospital waiting room. Through this platform, patients are able to receive quality medical advice from experienced practitioners who have been certified by their respective countries’ regulatory bodies such as the Medical Councils of India (MCI) and Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). This ensures that all services provided through Doctiplus meet international standards for patient safety and quality assurance.

In addition, DoctiPlus also offers additional features such as telemedicine consultation which enables patients located anywhere in the world access real-time video consultations with specialists based on their specific needs; prescription management system where prescriptions sent electronically via SMS/email; digital payment options including debit cards, credit cards etc.; appointment reminders so that users never miss out on any important meetings; lab test results tracking service which helps keep track of tests conducted over time; secure messaging between doctors and patients enabling them communicate securely within the application itself instead of relying upon external email clients like Gmail etc.; integration with third party applications like Google Fit allowing user’s fitness data be shared across multiple platforms seamlessly among others . All these features make it easier for people seeking convenient yet reliable solutions when it comes accessing professional healthcare services anytime they need one!

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