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DKB-TAN2go is an android app that allows users to securely access their accounts with Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB). It offers a convenient and secure way for customers to log into their DKB account, make payments, transfer money between accounts, and view current balance information.

The app uses the latest technology in mobile security such as two-factor authentication using TAN codes. This means that when logging in or making transactions on the app, users must enter both their username and password along with a one time code sent via SMS or generated by the DKB Security Device. This ensures that only authorized persons can access your banking data and perform transactions from your account. The user also has additional options like setting up biometric authentication which requires them to use either fingerprint recognition or facial recognition before they can login successfully.

In addition to providing secure access to bank accounts, this app also provides useful features such as real-time notifications of incoming payments so you never miss out on any important updates regarding your finances; easy transfers between different types of currencies; instant overviews of all payment activities including deposits/withdrawals; direct debit setup for automatic bill payments; ability to set up savings goals and track progress towards it etc., all within few clicks!

Overall, DKB-TAN2go is a great tool for anyone who wants quick and secure access to manage their banking needs without having worry about safety and privacy issues associated with online banking services

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