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Djay is an Android app that allows users to mix and create their own music. It features a powerful mixing engine, intuitive user interface, and advanced audio effects. With djay, you can easily become your own DJ or remixer from the comfort of your home.

The app comes with two decks for mixing tracks together as well as several sound effects such as echo, reverb and flanger which allow you to add extra flavor to your mixes. You can also use the built-in sampler feature to record samples directly into the app so you can incorporate them into your sets quickly and easily. Additionally, it supports both MIDI controllers and turntables if you want more control over how you mix songs together.

In addition to its mixing capabilities djay also offers song library management tools allowing users organize their music collection in various ways including by artist name or genre tags making it easier than ever before for DJs on-the-go find what they need fast without having search through all of their files manually each time they play out live at a gig or party event .

The latest version of Djay includes support for streaming services like Spotify and SoundCloud giving access millions upon millions of new tracks right within the application itself – perfect those who don’t have large libraries but still want variety when playing shows! Plus there are plenty other options available too such looping sections , cue points , BPM synchronization etc…allowing even greater customization potentials .

All things considered Djay makes great choice anyone looking get started with mobile DJing whether just fun hobbyist beginner professional level performer alike !

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