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Dizer o Direito is an innovative and revolutionary Android app that helps users to access legal information quickly and easily. It provides a comprehensive database of laws, regulations, court decisions, case law, statutes and other related documents from Brazil’s top judicial bodies. The app also offers detailed explanations of the various topics covered in each document so users can understand them better.

The main feature of Dizer o Direito is its search engine which allows users to look up specific terms or phrases within the entire database with ease. Additionally, it has powerful filters which allow for more precise searches by category or date range as well as sorting options such as relevance or popularity among others. This makes finding relevant content much easier than before when searching through physical books was necessary in order to find what you were looking for.

In addition to providing easy access to legal information, Dizer o Direito also includes educational tools such as quizzes on different subjects like civil procedure code and criminal law that help test user’s knowledge on these topics while giving them feedback about their performance right away after they finish answering all questions correctly/incorrectly depending upon how many points they get at the end of each quiz session respectively . Moreover there are even video tutorials available too if someone needs further clarification regarding any particular subject matter being discussed within those videos making learning process simpler yet effective way without having need go anywhere else apart from this application itself!

Furthermore , not only does it provide quick reference material but also keeps track record every time user visits certain page/document so one can always come back later check out same thing again whenever needed – something very useful especially when dealing with complex issues where multiple readings required make sure everything understood properly first place! Finally last but certainly least: cost-free nature means anyone regardless financial status still able take advantage all features offered here without spending single penny (or real) money doing so – great deal indeed !

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