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Distance Meter is an Android app that allows users to measure the distance between two points. It uses GPS technology to accurately calculate distances in both metric and imperial units, making it a useful tool for hikers, runners, cyclists, or anyone else who needs to know how far they’ve traveled.

The app has a simple interface with just three buttons: “Start Measurement” which begins tracking your location; “Stop Measurement” which stops tracking and displays the total distance covered; and “Reset Distance” which clears all previous measurements. The display also shows current speed as well as average speed over time.

Distance Meter can be used while walking, running or cycling outdoors but can also be used indoors if you have access to a treadmill or stationary bike with Bluetooth capability (most modern models do). This makes it great for keeping track of indoor workouts such as running on a treadmill or spinning on an exercise bike. Additionally, this feature allows users to set goals for themselves by setting up their own personal race courses around their home or office building – perfect motivation when hitting those mid-week slumps!

For more advanced features like route plotting and elevation gain/loss measurement there are other apps available but none offer quite the same level of accuracy as Distance Meter does when measuring short distances quickly without any extra setup required – ideal for recreational activities like hiking where you don’t want to spend too much time configuring settings before heading out into nature!

Overall Distance Meter is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an easy way to keep track of their outdoor adventures without having worry about complicated setups beforehand – simply open up the app and start exploring!

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