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Discovery K!ds ON! is an educational app designed for children ages 3-7. It was created by the Discovery Kids network, which produces a variety of shows and movies that are popular with kids around the world. The app provides interactive activities to help young learners develop their skills in math, science, language arts and more. It also includes videos from some of its most beloved TV series such as Animal Atlas, Go Diego Go!, DragonflyTV and Outward Bounders.

The main goal of this app is to keep kids engaged while learning important concepts through fun games and activities. To do so it features several different sections: Games and Activities (which include puzzles, mazes, memory games etc.), Videos (with clips from various Discovery Kids shows), Stories (featuring classic stories narrated by professional voice actors) and Artwork (where users can create their own drawings). All these sections have been carefully crafted to ensure they provide an enjoyable experience while teaching valuable lessons at the same time.

In addition to all these great features there’s also a Parent’s Corner where parents can track their child’s progress within the game or access additional resources on how best use this tool for educational purposes. This makes it easier for them to monitor what kind of content their kid is exposed too as well as assess if he/she has gained any new knowledge after playing with Discovery K!ds ON!.

Overall this app offers a safe environment full of entertaining content that will not only keep your little ones entertained but also teach them essential skills needed later in life like problem solving or critical thinking abilities among others; making it one of the best tools available out there when it comes down to helping our youngsters learn something new without having them realize they’re actually doing so

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