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The direct to indirect speech converter app is a revolutionary tool that makes it easier than ever before to convert direct speech into indirect. This Android-based application allows users to quickly and easily transform any statement or phrase from one form of communication into another, making the task of writing in various forms much simpler.

This app offers an intuitive user interface which enables users to select either ‘direct’ or ‘indirect’ as their desired output format, after which they can simply type in the text they wish to be converted. The conversion process itself is incredibly fast and efficient; within seconds, the inputted text will have been transformed into its new form with no loss of accuracy whatsoever. Furthermore, this app also features a built-in dictionary for quick reference should you need assistance understanding certain words or phrases during your transformation process.

In addition, this amazing technology provides some additional benefits such as being able to save multiple conversions at once so that you don’t have to keep retyping them each time you want access again – perfect for those who regularly use different types of language! It even has an auto-correct feature which helps ensure your final product is free from errors and typos when written out correctly on paper afterwards too! Finally there’s also an option allowing users share their results directly through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter if needed – great for collaboration between peers working together remotely on projects requiring both direct/indirect formats simultaneously without having worry about sending files back forth over email etcetera…

Overall then this Direct To Indirect Speech Converter App really does make life much easier when it comes down transforming sentences between these two distinct styles quickly and accurately every single time – highly recommended!

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