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Direct Assurance is an innovative mobile application that makes it easy for individuals and businesses to purchase insurance policies on their phones. The app was created by Direct Assurance, a leading provider of personal and business insurance in the United Kingdom. With its user-friendly interface, customers can easily compare quotes from different insurers, select coverage options that best suit their needs, make payments online or via bank transfer, and manage all aspects of their policy directly from the app.

The main features of this app include:

• Easy comparison – Customers can quickly compare prices across multiple providers to find the most suitable cover at competitive rates.

• Comprehensive coverage – A wide range of products are available including car insurance, home contents insurance as well as travel and pet coverages.

• Secure payment methods – Payments are securely processed through either bank transfers or credit/debit cards with no hidden fees involved.

• Policy management – Customers have full control over managing their policy details such as making changes to existing policies or cancelling them altogether if required without having to contact customer service representatives directly.

Overall Direct Assurance provides a convenient way for people looking for reliable protection against unforeseen events while saving time when shopping around for the right type of coverage at affordable premiums

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