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Girl Scouts

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The Digital Cookie Mobile App is a new Android app that allows users to easily manage their digital cookie sales. The app was created by the Girl Scouts of America and provides an easy way for girls to track orders, payments, inventory, and more. With this app, scouts can keep better track of their progress in selling cookies while also staying connected with customers throughout the entire process.

Using the Digital Cookie Mobile App is simple: once downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, users will be able to create an account using either a parent-approved email address or Facebook login credentials. After logging in they will have access to all features available on the mobile platform such as tracking orders and payments; managing customer information; creating custom messages for customers; setting goals; sharing photos/videos of your troop’s activities online; viewing product details about each type of cookie sold (including nutritional facts); receiving notifications when someone has purchased one or more boxes of cookies from you directly via PayPal payment system integration within the application itself!

In addition to these features, parents are given control over who can view their daughter’s activity on the app through parental controls which allow them set limits on how much time she spends using it as well as what types of content she shares publicly with other people outside her family circle – ensuring safety at all times! Finally there is also an option where adults can purchase gift cards so friends and relatives may buy products without having direct contact between themselves and sellers – making sure everyone involved stays safe too!

Overall this innovative tool helps make running a successful digital cookie business easier than ever before – allowing young entrepreneurs everywhere take charge and gain valuable skills along their journey towards success!

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