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Digit Insurance is a mobile application that allows users to purchase and manage their insurance policies on the go. It was launched in 2016 by Kamesh Goyal, an entrepreneur from India. The app provides customers with access to a range of insurance products including health, motor, travel and home coverages.

The Digit Insurance App is designed for both Android and iOS devices so it can be used anywhere around the world at any time. With its intuitive user interface, customers are able to easily search for the right policy according to their needs without having to speak directly with an agent or broker. Customers can also compare different plans side-by-side before making a decision about which one best suits them.

Once they have chosen their preferred plan, customers will receive regular notifications regarding payment deadlines as well as other important information related to their policy such as changes in coverage levels or discounts available if certain criteria are met over time (eg no claims bonus). Additionally, there is also an online chat feature where customers can ask questions about specific aspects of their policy or get help understanding how particular clauses work within it – all this without ever leaving the comfort of your own home!

In addition to providing easy access for purchasing and managing policies through its app platform; Digit Insurance has also implemented several features aimed at improving customer service experience when dealing with claims processing etcetera: these include real-time tracking of claim status updates via SMS/email alerts along with 24/7 customer support provided by trained professionals who understand what’s needed in order resolve issues quickly and efficiently – something which many traditional insurers lack today!

Overall then; Digit Insurance offers consumers convenience coupled with superior quality services and competitive pricing options – making it ideal choice anyone looking insure themselves against life’s uncertainties while saving money too!

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