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DigDeep Image Recovery is an Android app that helps users to recover deleted photos, videos and audio files from their device. It works with all types of devices including phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. The app uses advanced scanning algorithms to detect lost or deleted images on the user’s device and then recovers them in a few clicks.

The main feature of DigDeep Image Recovery is its ability to scan for both existing as well as previously deleted files. This means that it can even help you retrieve data which has been removed months ago but still resides on your phone’s storage drive somewhere deep inside the file system structure. The app also allows users to preview recovered media before they decide whether or not they want to save it back onto their device.

In addition, this image recovery tool offers several other useful features such as selective recovery where users can choose specific items instead of recovering everything at once; batch processing which enables multiple scans simultaneously; support for external memory cards like SD cards; secure deletion option so no trace remains after deleting unwanted content; automatic backup options so important pictures are always safe if something goes wrong during a scan etc.. All these features make DigDeep Image Recovery one of the most comprehensive photo retrieval apps available today!

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